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Commercial Vehicles

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) results in a reduction of fuel costs and gas emissions in trucks and heavy duty vehicles compared to using diesel. Greenville LNG offers two models for the use of LNG in trucks using new 100% LNG fuelled trucks and HDVs or installing and using Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) kits in old trucks and HDVs.

Greenville LNG facilitates purchase of new imported LNG-fuelled tractor heads. These trucks use LNG only i.e. they are 100% LNG fuelled trucks.  Transporters can buy the trailers in Nigeria from a 3rd party. On a single fill, an LNG truck can go up to 1000 kms with full load. The cost of fuel will reduce by 40-45% compared to use of diesel.

Greenville LNG also facilitates installation of DDF kits in old trucks and HDVs in Nigeria.  Trucks and HDVs with DDF kits installed can use LNG along with diesel as fuel. These can be in 70% LNG and 30% diesel use or in any other ratio. There is fuel cost savings of up to 30% when using DDF kits and LNG.

Greenville LNG Co. supplies LNG pan-Nigeria, using virtual pipeline i.e. LNG is moved in cryogenic tankers by road. Hence, the supply of LNG to the Greenville LNG filling stations across the country is continuous and steady.