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Dual Fuel Conversion

There is a fuel cost saving of up to 30% when using DDF kits and LNG. Power and torque of truck remains same or may increase up to 20% with proper air-fuel mixture. The system allows switching to 100% diesel if gas tank is empty.

LNG cost benefits kick-in with low investment compared to new LNG truck. Therefore, existing assets or fleet can be utilized without any major Capex. Modification is not invasive when installing the DDF kit and it maintains unaltered the diesel engine architecture; the installation downtime is very short.

LNG DDF Trucks can operate in a wider radius compared to CNG. The use of clean fuel LNG improves corporate image, taking initiative to reduce Green House Gas and supporting Government’s pledge towards cleaner environment.

Greenville LNG supplies LNG pan-Nigeria, using virtual pipeline. LNG is distributed in cryogenic tankers by road. Hence the supply of LNG to the Greenville LNG filling stations across the country is continuous and steady. This network of Greenville LNG filling stations services the DDF kits fitted trucks in Nigeria.