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New LNG fueled trucks

Greenville LNG facilitates the purchase of new imported LNG-fuelled tractor heads. These trucks use LNG only i.e. they are 100% fuelled LNG trucks. Transporters can buy the trailers in Nigeria from a 3rd party. On a single fill, an LNG truck can go up to 1000 kms with full load. There is a reduction in fuel cost of up to 40% compared to use of diesel.

LNG fuelled heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) work with a spark-ignited internal combustion engine. The LNG is stored in cryogenic tanks attached to the side below the chassis. The vaporiser is fitted behind the tractor cabin for trucks and below the chassis for tippers. LNG is stored in liquid form; thus, its energy density is higher than CNG, making it more suited to class 7 and 8 trucks transporting freight long distances.

HDVs, which are fuelled by LNG emits less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and other pollutants compared to diesel fuelled trucks.

Greenville LNG Co supplies LNG pan Nigeria, using virtual pipeline. The LNG is moved in cryogenic tankers by road. Hence the supply of LNG to the Greenville LNG filling stations across the country is continuous and steady. This network of Greenville LNG filling stations services the LNG trucks in Nigeria.