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An overwhelming majority of domestic freight are transported by road in Nigeria. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) reduces fuel cost and air pollution when compared to traditional use of diesel by heavy duty vehicles. To promote the use of cheaper and cleaner fuel by the road transport industry, Greenville has constructed LNG filling stations in Nigeria and plans to establish more as the number of LNG-fuelled trucks and heavy-duty vehicles increase.

Greenville has constructed LNG refuelling stations at strategic locations catering to north – south axis of Nigeria. These stations are located at Kaduna in the North, Koton Karfe (Kogi state) along A2 highway in the central region, Sagamu (Ogun state) on A1 highway in the South-Western region and Rumuji (Rivers state) along East-West road in the South-South region of Nigeria. Greenville plans to construct LNG filling stations near Abuja, Sokoto, Lagos, Onitsha and other locations. These will serve as dispensing stations for LNG-fuelled trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

Greenville LNG Co. supplies LNG pan-Nigeria, using virtual pipeline i.e. LNG is distributed in cryogenic tankers by road using LNG fuelled trucks. With a fleet of more than 200 such cryogenic tankers, Greenville has established a virtual pipeline in Nigeria and can maintain steady supplies all year round to all the filling stations.