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Nigeria is ranked 9th largest natural gas reserve in the world; with a proven reserve of associated and non-associated gas, at an estimated 197 Trillion Cubic Feet. However, about 10% of gas is currently being flared in Nigeria. Nigeria has one of the lowest net electricity generation per capita rates in the world. In a population of about 194 million, less than 65% currently have access to electricity.

Nigeria is the fourth largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the world. However, considerable current demand on power forces large factories and industries to resort to self-generation of power at a higher cost.

Most regions in Nigeria, especially in the North are currently excluded from the pipeline network for distribution of natural gas. Therefore, the availability of LNG in replacement of Natural Gas would benefit particularly the gas deprived regions for their economic and social development.

Greenville LNG’s Domestic LNG Consumption Can Provide the Following Benefits for Nigeria:

  • Fuel security, through the utilization of domestic gas.
  • Balance of trade benefits through reduced oil importation.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and related environmental benefits.
  • Increase in power generation by releasing stranded capacity of gas to power plants located outside existing gas pipelines, supplying LNG fuel to power self-generating factories & industries using costly and non-friendly fuel for the environment.
  • Create a balance on energy price between the pipeline connected areas and the other areas of the country.
  • Reduction in the cost of transportation, cost of production, and the cost of commodities.

With our LNG plant located in Rumuji Rivers State, a fleet of LNG fueled trucks to deliver LNG directly to the customer’s end using a virtual pipeline system, and LNG refueling stations to ensure wider consumption of LNG across Nigeria; Greenville LNG is paving the way with a cost effective, green & clean fuel everywhere in Nigeria.