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Future Projects

Company Profile
  • Greenville LNG’s aim of the development of 25 hubs is to open the gas market to third parties/franchisees.
  • LNG will be compressed to CNG & each hub will have 6 to 12 dispensers.
  • LNG will replace the AGO & CNG will replace PMS.
  • The de-compression units will be used by 3rd parties for loading & distributing CNG in the area.
  • Greenville will bring LNG to the hubs and to each state of Northern Nigeria and the Middle Belt.
  • LPG: each hub will be equipped with a storage & bottling facility that will be franchised to a third party.
  • Medical Centres / Pharmacy: These facilities will be franchised to third parties.

                   Last but not the least, this is the best carbon footprint fuel and solution among fossil fuels available!!